STORAGE: Wasabi Surveillance Cloud

Video surveillance is growing at an unprecedented rate with high-resolution cameras and strict retention and compliance requirements driving the need for larger storage capacities. However, traditional storage hardware upgrades and all-in-the-cloud solutions can be costly and disruptive.

Introducing Wasabi Surveillance Cloud – the ideal solution for enhancing your current video management system (VMS) with scalable, on-demand storage capacity. This bundle offering combines the WSC cloud bridge software application with a Wasabi hot cloud storage subscription, giving users of every major VMS the ability to offload data to the cloud without any changes to their existing operations.

Wasabi Surveillance Cloud is the simplest way to make the transition to the cloud, providing a reliable and predictable solution to support the rapid growth of video data. Say goodbye to expensive hardware upgrades and hello to a scalable and secure storage solution that meets your evolving needs.

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