Who is Texas Fixer

Texas Fixer: Your Expert Technical Consultant 

Welcome to Texas Fixer, where your technological needs are met with expertise and precision. With over 33+ years of experience in the IT industry, I am thrilled to offer you unparalleled services as your personal Technical Consultant. My journey has been marked by diverse roles including Sr. IT Engineer, Sr. Systems Engineer, NOC Engineer, Network Operations Manager, Support/VoIP Manager, and Technical Coordinator, collaborating with industry giants like AT&T, Wayport, and Shell Services Inc (Royal Dutch Company). 

What Sets Texas Fixer Apart? 

  • Vast Experience: An impressive average of 33 plus years of experience in the trades among our seasoned technicians. 
  • Guaranteed Quality: Confidence in our workmanship, guaranteeing every job we undertake. 
  • Diverse Expertise: Proficiency in administration, network engineering, security, support, and consulting, catering to home users, small and medium businesses, and enterprise-level organizations. 
  • Comprehensive Understanding: My diverse experiences in various sectors have equipped me with insights into the unique challenges faced in both private and public domains. 

Our Comprehensive Service Offerings: 

  • Hosting and Managed Services: Streamlined and secure IT infrastructure management. 
  • Network and Systems Engineering: Custom-designed networking and communication solutions. 
  • Identity and Access Administration: Enhanced security through access control and user authentication. 
  • Information Protection Administration: Advanced strategies to safeguard sensitive data. 
  • Technical Support: Quick and efficient resolution of technology-related issues. 
  • Technology Consulting: Strategic guidance for technological optimization and growth. 

Technology Proficiency: 

Extensive experience with Microsoft Products and Services, Google Workspace, Linux, MAC, and remote software like Screen Connect, N-Able, MSP360, Team Viewer and LogMeIn. Proficient in server applications such as Windows Server NT to 2024, Microsoft Exchange, MS SQL, MS 365, and web technologies including WordPress, Plesk, CPanel, WHMCS, HTML, and PHP. Expertise in security software like Bitwarden, Bitdefender, Iminufy360, Word Fence, Malware Bytes & more, we can ensures top-tier protection for your business. 

I am eager to bring my expertise as The Texas Fixer to your organization, helping you navigate and conquer your IT challenges.

Administrator, Identity and Access Administrator, Information Protection Administrator, Network & Systems Engineer, Security Engineer, Support Engineer, Technology Consultant

Please feel free to contact me, just head over to the contact form: Contact – Texas Fixer

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