Remote Support Information, Disclaimer, and Terms of Use 

Texas Fixer uses remote support software (also known as screen-sharing software, remote control software, remote desktop software, and other terms). 


Texas Fixer uses encryption to secure the remote connection between your system and Texas Fixer’ system. Despite strict security measures and practices observed, Texas Fixer cannot eliminate the inherent risk of breach, other malice, and/or inadvertent action. By using the Texas Fixer remote support software and/or its unattended agent, you agree that you will not hold Texas Fixer liable for any damages that arise from using it, such as breach of systems, malice, inadvertent action, loss of data, loss of up-time, and/or loss of profit. You agree that the use of remote support software and/or unattended agent is at your own risk. 

Terms of Use 

This software allows our technicians to remotely control your computer and gather information from your system and other systems on your network. By using our remote support software, you grant Texas Fixer permission to control your computer remotely, run diagnostic scripts and applications, execute commands, install software, elevate permissions, manipulate data as requested or necessary, and perform other necessary tasks. 

Any personal information that is left on-screen can and will be visible to the technician working remotely on your computer. We recommend closing any sensitive information prior to beginning the remote session. By using our remote support software, you agree that Texas Fixer has permission to view any and all information visible on-screen at the time of the remote session. 

Under certain circumstances, Texas Fixer will need to install an unattended agent to regain remote access to your system. This unattended agent may be installed temporarily when working on a system or for an undefined amount of time in effort to be able to access systems as necessary to perform remote support, diagnostics, and maintenance. You agree that if your system is installed with the unattended remote support agent that Texas Fixer has permission to access my system at any time when necessary to carry out IT service needs. 

The services provided by Texas Fixer and its employees are considered billable services. The current rate of remote support service can be obtained by contacting Texas Fixer using the phone number or email address located at By engaging Texas Fixer to provide remote support, you agree to pay any fees associated with the service at the time the service is rendered unless otherwise specified and agreed upon by Texas Fixer. 

Remote Assistance Support from Texas Fixer allows a Texas Fixer support professional in another location to view your computer screen and work on your computer over a secure connection.

By selecting the ‘I accept’ option of Remote Assistance support from Texas Fixer, you agree that during any session, the support professional may capture screen shots for quality and/or training purposes.

If you do not choose to accept screen shots being captured, please request other quality support options such as phone or chat support.

Once you accept screen shots being captured, please close all windows or documents that may contain personal information.