SCAM – Urgent warning over Amazon text scam

The red flags to look out for that confirm your message is a fake

The scam messages are nothing new, but it’s important to know how to protect yourself. There are several red flags to be aware of when it comes to the Amazon text scam in particular that can prevent you from falling victim.

Many of the scam messages will claim that there is a problem with your account. The text message may claim to be from Amazon, but with a close enough look, you should be able to recognize that it’s actually spam. Sometimes the messages contain numerous typos. Other times, there may only be one or two. Typos can be easily overlooked, especially if you believe the message to have come from Amazon. So it’s helpful to take the extra time to carefully read through the message if you’re unsure.

Often with the scam messages, the sender’s email address contains a string of letters. This is also a key red flag to look out for. Amazon says official websites contain “” Any email address or website that may appear in a scam message that doesn’t contain that phrase is likely not from Amazon. In general, you should not click any links included in messages unless you know who sent them.

In addition to the Amazon scam, Walmart shoppers have been warned over a gift card scam targeting victims over the phone. In that scam, people will often pose as government officials collecting funds – convincing shoppers to use gift cards to make a payment. Cops say the biggest way to avoid falling victim is to become aware of the common signs and schemes.

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