SCAM – Bank Jugging

Source: Temple Police Department

Have you heard of the term “Bank Jugging”?

“Jugging” refers to a type of crime that usually involves a pair of criminals observing customers making large withdrawals at either an ATM or inside a bank. Once a target is selected, the criminals will follow the customer as they leave in their vehicle. They follow until the right opportunity presents itself to steal the customer’s withdrawn cash.

There are actions that you can take to reduce the chances of becoming the next victim:

After making a cash withdrawal, avoid carrying the cash in a bank bag or cash envelope, which is easily identifiable by criminals. Conceal your money before exiting the bank.

Avoid leaving any money in plain view or unattended in your vehicle.

Be aware of your surroundings when making a withdrawal. Look for suspicious individuals loitering around the parking lot.

Watch for people following you.

If you feel that you are being followed, contact a bank associate who can alert the authorities.

Make the bank your last stop of the day.

While not every theft or crime can be prevented, you can make some simple changes to harden yourself as a target.

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