MSP – Discovery Call Checklist

Is the client a good fit for your business?
What are their IT challenges?
What is their selection criteria?
Who is the decision maker?

Client Questions

How did you hear about us?
How many offices do you have and where are they located?
What is your total number of employees?

Do you have a technology refresh strategy?
What mission-critical systems do you have and what is your
backup strategy?
Have you set up any backups?
Can you access all of your systems with administrator
In the past 12 months, how has your business changed?
In the next 6 months, what are your biggest goals and the
obstacles involved?

Can you give me an overview of your IT infrastructure?

What is your current IT solution? Do you work with an MSP, internal IT or co-managed IT?
What’s your typical strategy when it comes to resolving IT issues?
Why are you dissatisfied with your current IT solution?
What prompted you for wanting to make a change at this time?
What are your most pressing concerns in terms of managing your technology?

What’s going to happen if nothing is done to fix your IT problem(s)?
When do you envision having a solution implemented?
What do you look for in an ideal MSP partner?
How do we compare to other solutions you’re considering at the moment?
Are you prepared and ready to move to a new IT solution?

What is your current IT spend?
How much budget have you allocated for this project?
Can you name anyone else in your company who wants this problem solved quickly?
Can you walk me through your purchase decision process for contracted services?

Services Needed:

Complete Managed Services
Device & Endpoint Management
Disaster recovery services
Email, Domain or website hosting
Hosted Storage and Backup
Network Monitoring/Management
Server Management
Security (Security as a service and
Risk Management)
Software Management
Virtual Desktop

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