Donate to the Texas Fixer

At Texas Fixer, a lot of our spare time is spent working with non profits, disaster recovery teams during natural disasters, hurricanes, and more. We support non profit groups when they have technical, research, analytics and other needs. So our personal time and money go into those organizations that help support your friends and family that might be in a disaster. We appreciate any donations.

Your donation will go toward some of the projects for a new social media site for the teams to use, we can provide more IT Services, consulting, design, general support, communications, hosting and more. We are also working on a complete life cycle system for the disaster teams that will handle intake, routing, logistics, tracking, vendor management, site management and location details, an all in one system for any SAR’s team, dream project. We will be able to help more non profit teams get access to the tools and information they need. Please make a donation below.

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