24/7 Tech Support

Need a solid after hours support team to handle or route calls to the proper engineer for your in house IT, IT Services Desk, or MSP? Want to make make sure the calls area answered? Fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

Basic Support will be for in-bound calls: 1) Tier 1 Support - full troubleshooting of a workstation, password reset, and basic tier one issues outlined in agreement. 2) Ticket Taker 3) Call route/message/ticket/email

Advanced Support: Will be any advanced troubleshooting of a workstation, laptop, servers.

Pro Engineer: Any pro engineer troubleshooting for a workstation, server, network, server monitoring, maintenance, updates, back up, SOC, NOC

After Hours: Basic inbound calls, ticket taker, 5 Min troubleshoot, and pass it on.

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