Massive Software uninstall

uninstall with out MSI


  1. Find out the name of the software as the system sees it
    1. Open a command window
    2. Run ‘wmic’
    3. Type ‘product get name’
  2. Isolate the machines you wish to remove the software from and get a list
    1. Create a Sentinel filter for the application you wish to remove
    2. Do this by ‘Create New Filter’ and then Find devices where: ‘Application’, ‘Application Name’, ‘Contains’, ‘NAME OF APP TO FIND’
    3. Export the list to CSV and open in Excel
    4. Copy the Name column into a notepad
    5. Search for ‘ ‘ and remove any that have spaces or that should not be in the list (selective removal)
  3. Begin the removal
    1. Get on a DC or similar and run a command prompt as Administrator
    2. Save your list from above into a test file called C:\temp\computers.txt
    3. Run ‘wmic’
    4. /failfast:on /node:@”c:\temp\computers.txt” product where name=”acmeco” call uninstall /nointeractive
    5. (Alternate) /failfast:on /node:@”c:\temp\computers.txt” product where name=”acmeco” call uninstall /nointeractive /user:”acmeco\Administrator” /password:”XXXXX”
    6. (Alternative) for /f %A in (C:\temp\computers.txt) do wmic /user:domain\Administrator /password:”XXXXX” /node:”%A” product where “name like ‘%%amcoco%%'” call uninstall /nointeractive
    7. In my example above, I was removing “Acmeco”, which I got from above in step 1
  4. Run it over and over throughout the day/night until the Sentinel filter in step 2 shows no more installed

=== Troubleshooting ===

  • If you get a message about ‘Invalid Syntax’ in the middle of a run, you have invalid names or names with spaces
  • If you get a message about ‘The RPC server is unavailable’, the firewall may be on, the service could be stopped or broken, the user you’re running as doesn’t have permissions, etc. Investigate
  • The names it shows happen at random, not in order
  • ‘Invalid node (discarding)’ means it is off or not installed.
  • Try it locally on a command line: wmic product where “name like ‘%%acmeco0%%'” call uninstall /nointeractive

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